Thursday, May 31, 2007

Have you seen Madeleine? - part 3


A UAE-based relative of the missing child, Madeleine McCann, claims that Maddy has been kidnapped and been taken to an Arab country.

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Solafa said...


It is really sad to hear such caseof a little girl disappearing with no trace.

But it is even more sad that this case have been given all the attention and the publicity, where there are thousands of other cases of missing kids are ignored!

Although it is really funny to think that she might be found in the Arabic Land...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I agree with you, and I have made a public comment regarding this issue. I would make the comittment to make the issue a joint reponsiblity in finding kidnapped minors.

Why would it be funny if you found the girl in Arabian land?

mandy said...

solafa why is it sad this case have been given all the attention??? dur stupido!! if you have the will and the way to use every bit of your imagination, send emails, contact the free press, make sure it is sent by chain mail by email why not! I applaud the parents, friends, family and everyone else who is involved in getting this child back to where she belongs.

Yes there are thousands of cases where children go missing, they are ignored because they don't have the resources or don't use them, can't use them. Don't for one minute diss anyone who has the will to get their child back. YOU ARE UNFEELING! 7aram!

If it was your child wouldn't you do it. You are a freaking stupid person to even suggest that it is sad that the case has been given attention.

Get a life

I don't know where they get the ideo the child is in Arabic land. Put it this way if she is she will be found very quickly, no she is not here.

sorry Ali if I appear so aggrivated by this but I feel quite stongly about this, any parent who loves their child would surely use anything possible to get them back!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


While I agree on the points you raised, I also believe that your approach to the counter argument could have been better taken.

I cannot emphasize enough about the issue to refrain from insulting other people on my blog.

mandy - cross as! said...

point taken will not bother with your blog again!

I found the comments made insulting to the people who have lost their little girl quite honestly.

It was heart felt and written in that way.

If you can't handle things that are written on your blog make it a limited access blog where you will get a select few writing exactly what you want to hear.

Funny coming from you, considering you are always banging on about free press and the TofO not publishing your works, smells a bit of double standards if you ask me.

Goodbye and good luck.

From now on I am a reader and will not participate in your blog.

Solafa said...

Hello Mandy,

I believe that you have attacked me without understanding my genuine point in my comment and the usage of the word “SAD”.

I am not saying that this family are doing any thing wrong or acting in a complete unacceptable way.

What I was trying to refer here, is that this case is not the only ONE that deserves to be given attention and extra efforts to find the missing child.

By the way I live in Liverpool, and I know the tension that the family of this little girl are going through. We are all sad for the missing Madeleine but we should not forget that there are million of children who are missing around the globe.

I my self don’t have a child, just because i am not married. But it does not mean that I don’t have any feelings towards any parents who lost their child. I feel sadder for the child rather than the parent, because i know how it feels to be with a complete stranger not knowing what will happen to you and where you can be taken to. I was in Madeleine’s shoes before and I know how it feels.

So instead of coming up here to attack some one that you have never known before, just because i used a word that did not match your interest, it does not qualify you to be the best person with a full heart to give any genuine feelings towards the parents of Madeleine.

It’s really pathetic of you to do such thing.

Solafa said...


I am not making fun about the missing girl, but I thought it was a crazy thought and I could not imagine it to be real for the girl to be found in the Arabian Land, unless the kidnappers is an Arabic person!

Which is something not usual for it to happen, I mean it is not usual for a little western girl to be kidnapped by an eastern person in exact an Arabic person!

But that does not mean that it is impossible for it to happen.

Well I only pray for the girl to be back safe and unharmed to her parents and family.

We don’t wish this thing to happen to any one even if that person was an Easter or Western.

Solafa said...

In a second thought, the girl could have been kidnapped by the western but travelled to the Arabian land through the Mediterranean Sea!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I never implied that you were making a mockery of the poor child's missing situation. I just didn't understand why you said it was 'sad'. That was all.

And now that you have explained it, I have understood. But I would also like to imply that I do not allow harsh and rude language on my blog unless of an exception.