Saturday, May 26, 2007

expecting to be kicked off

Let's just say I did what I felt like doing a long time ago and I am expecting to be told that they will be no longer needing my services anymore.

Feel free to criticize or insult me or even giving me the silent treatment that I often get.

Update coming soon..


Per Your Request said...

Why would they do that?

Amjad said...

^ Exactly ..

Why are you expecting that?

آمنة said...

you have done what u wanted to do, what else does matter?
Please don't regret what u have done, now u can feel the peace of mind :) I encourage you even though not knowing what u have done

Anonymous said...


Sleepless In Muscat said...

Per Your Request; Amjad & Aamna:

Thank you for your concern. What happened was that I sent a letter to the person that I correspond on behalf of the basically entailing what I felt about how I am asked to write up topics that a school child can easily do when I could take up more serious and 'controversial' topics that really layout my talent in writing articles of which truly focus on what Omanis and non-Omanis alike consider to be important topics that have never been dealt with by the local written media such as newspapers and online newsrooms.


Coming from you - yes, it is.

OmanforLife said...

Quite frankly, I was waiting for you to grow tired of the mundane topics with which you've been made to conform. Not that you didn't try to push the envelope on the subject matter...but how far can you really push it? Or rather...can you cope with only being able to push to the pre-made fence? You are a thinking man's writer. You are not a "sheep" writer. I hope that you are able to break through this stale media farce...I really do. It's a tired facade...but I wait patiently.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


welcome back.

yes I was but being the reluctant person that I am, I had to determine whether such a move would benefit me or not.

until now, I haven't received word about the matter, not that I am hopeful on the issue.