Sunday, May 06, 2007


According to recent media reports, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is about to start issuing internet and audio text provider licenses beginning the 2nd of June, 2007.

And although this would mean that such an action by the TRA would break the monopoly held by OmanTel and it's subsidiary - Oman 'Net; as one of the conditions of giving the license, the TRA has set a condition whereby the new Internet provider would have to use OmanTel's existing cabling network infrastructure - ultimately targeting all revenues towards the older monopoly.

The TRA, through the various news reports in the local media, has admitted that such an action is to break the monopoly held by OmanTel, and its insufficient network that has reached a subscriber base of 65,000 subscribers and create employment opportunities.

So, how is the new company meant to make any profit if all traffic is pumped through OmanTel's crappy network? And how is this breaking the monopoly?

Seems to me like the TRA is up to no good through this strategy.

At least, that's my opinion.



- TRA to issue Internet licenses

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Starbucks Rembrandt said...

Hello my friend,

Long time ago. I am very honest when I say that I haven't read your blog in some time, but I still have your email and just wanted to write to you with how things are going over here.
With me, everything is allright. Very allright actually, because I got married april 20, two weeks ago.
It was a perfect day, 13 degrees and lots of sun. When I have some wedding pictures I will send them to you, you can put them on your blog haha.

So how's everything in Oman? Still putting your penned thouhgts down on the net and still drinking Starbucks tea?
I wish I could be there, enjoy the sun, talk to you and drink the best coffee in the world...really seems like a long time ago...
November this year I will be back, and if all things turn out right, I will take my woman AND a friend of mine who hopefully will have asylum by then (he's from Palestina).
He is in Holland for 7 years now, talks the language perfectly and has a paying job. He really deserves to be regognized by our government.
Many people from poor and war countries come to Holland to seek asylum. Many of them (in my eyes) don't deserve that because they don't make the effort to blend in.
But this guy is something different.

I hope I can take him to Oman with his new DUTCH passport, and show him the marvellous beauty of this gulf state, with all it's wadi's and it's coffee... haha

Dear man, take care, write something back and enjoy life.
See you in November.

I have attached a photograph of Holland in it's spring glory. You won't believe what you see, also because I'll tell you that all the green stuff just grows here, yes.

Best wishes

Starbucks Rembrandt said...

Uhhhh.... I accidently copied my email to you INTO your blog... hahaha how stupid...!