Sunday, May 06, 2007

some people have no sense of humor

I bumped into a long lost friend of mine today around morning time as I was off to the Ministry of Housing to complete the necessary steps to put the land allocated to me under my name. It was nice to see a friendly face at last since I had no idea of what to do there.

We collected up on the past and updated on anything new on both our lives and all that la di da.

Something I did notice with him is how he became so serious all of a sudden. And I don't mean all of a sudden. He was serious all the time. He just would not take a single joke I threw at him. Which, to me, seems very unfortunate. I like to have fun even at the most serious times - to loosen up and create the atmosphere.

Which brings me to the point behind this post.

I have noticed all over these last few weeks at my College, that there is not one single person in this establishment that would put a smile on their face.

I mean, I would be the only one who laughs, smiles and makes jokes and everyone's bolted at me like I am doing something utterly wrong.

For God sake's, it doesn't hurt to smile or laugh if someone looks your way, does it now?

Smile, people!



mandy said...

ha that is quite funny! scuse the pun.

I noticed that quite a bit, however, it never stops me from wandering round with a daft looking smile on my face, it has a very strange effect on people sometimes tho as they look at me as if I am the village idiot!!

nope - keep smiling matey and most of the time you will see it makes others smile.