Thursday, May 10, 2007

what life is all about

I have recently found out that I have developed this rising personality that I can't stand people who are younger than I - but obviously not all of them. Only the ones who truly act like they are children; making noises, jumping around like crazy, or talking very loudly and shouting from one corner to the other just to get their attention.

I realize they are merely just kids or perhaps, the most preferrable word of use would be - teenagers, but fact is, I don't remember when we were that age and did that same thing. Not me or any of our other friends.

Sure they're just acting out their age. But a bit of common decency wouldn't hurt especially for the 'older' folks - like me, don't you think?

It's also become apparent to me that children of this age and time are more used to getting things easier than we did when we were their age; iPods, money, laptops, cars.. they're practically getting spoon-fed without educating them with the basic understanding that to give is to take.

As that's how and what life is all about.